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Hyperlink & Phishing
Hyperlinks from EUREKAOSL.COM to Websites outside the EUREKAOSL.COM.
There may be cases on our website when the EUREKAOSL.COM provides hyperlinks to other locations or websites on the Internet. These hyperlinks lead to websites published or operated by third parties who are not affiliated with or in any way related to EUREKAOSL.COM. They have been included in our website to enhance your user experience and are presented for information purposes only. We endeavor to select reputable websites and sources of information for your convenience.However, by providing hyperlinks to an external website or webpage, EUREKAOSL.COM shall not be deemed to endorse, recommend, approve, guarantee or introduce any third parties or the services/ products they provide on their websites, or to have any form of cooperation with such third parties and websites unless otherwise stated by EUREKAOSL.COM.We are not in any way responsible for the content of any externally linked website or webpage. You use or follow these links at your own risk and EUREKAOSL.COM is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred or suffered by you arising out of or in connection with your use of the link. EUREKAOSL.COM is not a party to any contractual arrangements entered into between you and the provider of the external website unless otherwise expressly specified or agreed to by EUREKAOSL.COM.
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We may also include hyperlinks to other EUREKAOSL.COM websites for your convenience. The products and services offered on these websites may be limited to persons located or residing in only that particular jurisdiction. In addition, the content on these linked websites may not be intended for persons located or residing in jurisdictions that restrict the distribution of such content. The terms and conditions governing the use of the website of each EUREKAOSL.COM entity may differ and you should consult and carefully read the applicable terms and conditions before using the website.
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You must always obtain the prior written approval of EUREKAOSL.COM before creating a hyperlink in any form from a third party website to any EUREKAOSL.COM website. EUREKAOSL.COM may or may not give such approval at its absolute discretion. In normal circumstances, we may only approve a hyperlink whichYou must always obtain the prior written approval of EUREKAOSL.COM before creating a hyperlink in any form from a third party website to any EUREKAOSL.COM website. EUREKAOSL.COM may or may not give such approval at its absolute discretion. In normal circumstances, we may only approve a hyperlink which displays plainly our name or website address. Any use or display of our logos, trade names and trademarks as a hyperlink will not be approved unless in very exceptional circumstances and may be subject to a fee as EUREKAOSL.COM may determine at its absolute discretion. EUREKAOSL.COM is not responsible for the setup of any hyperlink from a third party website to any EUREKAOSL.COM website. Any links so set up shall not constitute any form of co-operation with, or endorsement by, EUREKAOSL.COM of such third party website. Any link to our website shall always be an active and direct link to our website and shall be made directly to the home or front page of our website only and that no "framing" or "deep-linking" of our web page or content is allowed.
By accessing this web site and any of its pages you are agreeing to the terms set out above. © Copyright., 2010. All rights reserved. bank account number.The majority of active web users have encountered some sort of phishing lure, and more are being trolled past their noses everyday.
So far, the lures are not very attractive, and very few surfers have been caught. But the phishers are becoming more prevalent and more skilful, and real people are starting to lose real money.
How does phishing work?
Phishing works by the malicious user sending millions of bogus E-mails that appear to come from popular websites or from sites that you trust, like your bank or Credit Card company. The E-mails, and the websites they often send you to, look official enough that they deceive many people into believing that they're legitimate. Believing that these E-mails are legitimate, unsuspecting people too often respond to the E-mail's requests for their Credit Card numbers, passwords, account information, or other personal information.ation.
Tips to help protect yourself from phishing
Never respond to requests for personal information via E-mail. If in doubt, call the institution that claims to have sent you the E-mail. Visit websites by typing the URL into your address bar. Check to make sure the website is using encryption. Routinely review your Credit Card and bank statements. Report suspected abuses of your personal information to the proper authorities.
You can tell that you're dealing with because: will never send you an E-mail asking for your passwords, Credit Card numbers or other sensitive information.If we request information from you, we'll always direct you back to a site using links.If you use a link in an E-mail from us, you can make sure that you are on a page by comparing it against the known URL you use to access your Login Page.
Important security tips:
 - Don't provide any personal information.ation.
 - Review the URL provided to ensure it leads to a valid website.
 - Review the sender E-mail address to verify that it is from a valid E-mail account.
 - Act quickly if you suspect fraud.
 - Use a strong password.
 - Change your Online Password often.
 - Leave suspicious sites.
 - Be alert for scam E-mails.
 - Open E-mails only when you know the sender.
 - Be careful before clicking on a link contained in an E-mail or other message.
 - Do not send sensitive personal or financial information unless it is encrypted on a secure website.
 - Make sure your home computer has the most current anti-virus software. Install a personal firewall to help prevent unauthorised access to your home computer.