Eureka OSL-Leading Domestic BPO Call Center Services in Delhi/NCR,Mumbai,Thane,Chennai,India
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Eureka! Place of Work for 2500 burgeoning experts in BPO & KPO services by 2013.
Mission Statement
Consistently observe risk associated with processes and execute plans to mitigate for benefit of client & their customers. Work towards cost effective model with high efficiency to proliferate faster and build contingency mechanism for business continuity. Always face innovation by embracing technology & building enduring associations with our suppliers. Employee constitutes 100% of our assets & be a human centric organization building blocks to stay a century.
Our Values
Financial stability of Eureka will always be priority for employees, clients & stakeholders in order to accomplish our vision. Each employee is an integral part of the service delivered to our clientele & need to receive just credits for participation. Eureka's reputation is fostered by each employee & they must practice ethical code of conduct in all probability during their association with the organization.
Evaluate process considering the risks associated with it on behalf of the client to deliver solutions as partners in progress. Provoke innovation from front line employees to construct a pro-active & positive framework environment for the growth of individuals.